My TTT Experience – The account of a fanatic amongst extreme swooners/gigglers

by Jan 4, 2003Reviews

The two friends I saw TTT with are both extreme swooners and hopeless gigglers. You can imagine how that played in when “that blonde elf”, as Legolas seems to have been christened, showed up on screen. At the first shot of him, one friend leans over and whispers “he’s so hot!” I thought she would explode keeping giggling under control! The look on her face after the horse flip stunt was absolutely priceless. I don’t deny that I was very pleased with the further development of Legolas’s character and some of his more astonishing battle manuvers. (Shield surfing and horse leaping in particular.)

The other friend giggled helplessly over Legolas with her fellow swooner until Ithilien. We’d only had a brief glimpse of Faramir and she had already called it, leaping half out of her seat yelping “Ooo!! Hot guy! Hot guy!”

And then here’s me, sitting with these two. While they’re busy drooling over the Prince of Mirkwood and Captain of Gondor, I’m scouring the screen for tiny minute details. It was a lost cause. There was absolutely no way to get into the movie with varrying choruses of the phrase “He’s so hot,” echoing ceaslessly in your left ear. (I will admit that the subjects of the incessent swooning are both very good lookin’!

So when I returned to the theater for a second time, I zoned out of the world. And wow, what a difference! One particularly striking detail came at Edoras when Gandalf is arguing with Wormtounge. If you listen, you can hear a hissing effect when Wormtounge speaks. It’s really quite cool. Another thing I noticed was the difference in the shape of Legolas’s bow and those of the Galadhrim. Sword design was different, too. (Comparing Aragorn’s sword with those of the Rohirrim.) There were several lines that had me in gales of laughter. One of these makes no sense to anyone but me. Soon after Gollum becomes the guide for Frodo and Sam, there’s a scene where he’s crouched on a rock, and Frodo passes by. Sam pauses to look at him and Gollum grins and says “Nice hobbit!” before leaping off the rock. I found that hillarious. His entire “taters” scene with Sam was priceless. Of course, Gimli was a riot with his explanation about Dwarf women to Eowyn. The Legolas vs. Gimli Orc killing competition was funny just because it was actually there.

Another thing that genuinely pleased me was the increase in the amount of Elvish spoken. That was the one thing I found lacking in the first film, but it was more than made up for.

The great big something that I had been dreading was the rumored Arwen at Helms Deep. When her bit came, though, I found it rather refreshing. It sort of calmed the mood a bit before the mayhem of Helms Deep.

Everyone has a complaint. Mine is Faramir. I did not at all expect him to actually take Frodo and Sam away. The minute he said “The Ring will go to Gondor,” I had to restrain myself from leaping up and shrieking “Thats not right!” The thing that made Faramir so likable in the books is the fact that he is so different from Boromir. They were just to similar for my liking in the film.

Well, that’s my take on The Two Towers.(I could go on, believe me!) And now you know what its like to be inside the swooner’s circle without being one yourself. Frightening isn’t it?


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