My Thoughts – Review of the Return of the King

by Jan 5, 2004Reviews

I was one of many of the excited fans who went to the midnight show who left satisfied as well as disappointed. I have to admit that I truely enjoyed watching a story that I had read come to life on the big screen, but part of me was thinking: “Wow, it’s over.” Yes, the end of an epic. I have to admit, word of “The Hobbit” does bring up some hope.

Okay, so as a movie, it was great! Laughs, action, and a few love scenes really made the movie. Unforunately, there are some things that I didn’t agree with. Dragging out the scene on Mount Doom? Come on! Gollum bites the finger off, jumps up and down, dances too close to the edge, and falls off. That’s it! PJ was trying to hard to make it intense that it got a tad bit boring there when it’s suppose to be the most exiting part of the entire movie! I did, however, like the beginning because it gave some history of Gollum and I was tired of explaining him to everyone who hadn’t read the books. I didn’t like how the Scouring of the Shire was left out, but it would have been too long and that’s a scene you could leave out and still have it be a good movie which is every director’s goal. Also, I have to admit, some parts got a little corny towards the end, but some killer fight scenes balanced it out. It did get many choked up with a few tears and indeed made people laugh, and some scream! All in all, this movie had everything. On a scale of 1 through 10, I’d give it a 10 (as a movie). For staying true to the book, I’d give it a 8 1/2. Peter Jackson did a great job on making Tolkien’s World a reality. It was difficult, but well worth it. Because of these movies, many have opened the books that for years just collected dust on a shelf.

Thank you, Mr. Jackson. The movie was awesome!

In conclusion, I have my top 5 favorite scenes:

5.) Merry and Pippin dancing on the table singing and drinking. – “Hobbits.”

4.) Sam taking down Shelob and some orcs! – “Let him go you filth!”

3.) “My Friends, you bow to no one.” – Everyone bows to the four hobbits.

2.) Eowyn destroys the Witchking – “I am no man!”

1.) Of course: When Legolas brings down the oliphant by himself! – “That only counts as one!”


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