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by Dec 20, 2002Reviews

Ok, loved the opening, the special effects and the explanation of “what ever happened to Gandalf” was great.

Then the story goes back to where we left Sam and Frodo on the cliffs of their journey. The meeting of Gollum and the continuation of there journey with Gollum as a guide as well as the difference in feelings towards Gollum by Frodo and Sam, I thought was portrayed well although I do think Frodo’s pity for Gollum came a little to soon. I do understand why Peter had to do this though because Frodo and Sam really do nothing except travel from now until the end of ROTK. You can’t make a movie on simply this but can read a book and still stay interested in this plot. Peter had to hurry up and tell you everything that was going on with these characters so he could go on to the next. I saw Peter on an interview last night and he was saying how it was very hard to do this movie because he had to keep three different stories alive and interesting and when they would switch to the next story he had to make it so that you did not lose interest in the last plot. He did a great job on this through out the movie and did not lose my interest.

Next we see the three travelers in their journey to save the two hobbits from Saruman’s Uruk-Hai. I do not have any problem with the changes made in their part of the story except for the little part where Aragorn is separated from the group and thought was a little weird but again, Peter had to continue the love interest in the movie and that was used in this part.

Merry and Pippin’s part of the movie was great, they grew up from their childish hobbit ways (while still remaining funny at times) when they were suddenly hit with a cruel dose of reality in this movie when they our captured and had to take up their roll in the war against evil.

Treebeard: Treebeard was wonderful as well as all the Ents! Their part and the fall of Isengard was so cool. Although, I did not like how at first the Ents refused to go to war.

Gollum: I loved how they did Gollum! He was the best part of the movie! The battle that he fights with himself is great and at times he is really funny! Peter portrayed him in a way I never really thought of and I loved it!

Helms Deep: not even going to go there, loved it, would not change a thing, you just have to see it for yourself

The love interest in the movie with Aragorn. This was one thing that I was scared about. I did not want Aragorn to fall in love with Ewoyn instead of Arwen in the movie and I was scared Peter would do this. He didn’t and kept it like the book, Aragorn admires her and thinks she is pretty but Arwen remains his true love.

Faramir: Ok, now Faramir was a huge disappointment. Especially because he is one of my fav characters. They completely changed his wonderful part and the movie started to turn from there. And when he takes Frodo and his companions to Gondor, I got mad! I did not like any of this and it was very disappointing.

The Big downer in the movie was the ending. It’s really no cliff hanger. If they had done it like the book, it would have been great. That is one of the best cliff hangers ever and it makes you scream!!!

Ok, now I have said mostly what I did not like but really, I did love the movie. It was Peter’s vision of the movie and he did a good job. There was some disappointments, but all in all, it was good. I give it a 9 out of 10 because of the Faramir thing and the wrong ending but the other changes I can live with and a lot of them I really liked. Peter, I trust you to pull this thing off and I know things will pull together in the end.

Great, now all I have to do is wait another 365 days!


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