My favorite parts and what I thought – Return of the King Review

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More actual lines from the book should have been added though. And Denethor, was like ewwwwww! He had all that juice and stuff dripping down his chin, and you would think someone with such the authority of a Steward would at least have the manners to wipe his face. And Pippin sang!

But I loved the battles. The Battle of Pelennor Fields was stunning. And the Paths of the Dead part was so cool. But the army Aragorn scraped up at the end to go to the Black Gate was pretty skimpy. I mean, at the battle during the Siege of Gondor there were like millions of guys fighting. That was reduced down to a measly few hundred? Good thing they were saved from fighting.

I found Gimli to be funnier in this movie than in all the others. He and Legolas continue their orc-killing game, and it was hilarious when Legolas brought down the oliphant/mumak and Gimli said it still only counted as one. And for the first time he smoked.

I don’t really understand how so much of TTT had to me moved into the beginning of the RotK. Like Shelob and Pippin looking into the seeing stone. Time issues?

Overall I this was one of the best movies I have ever seen, and is definitely the best of the trilogy. I was smiling through the whole thing. The Nazgul were so cool! The actors/actresses were all great! (Except I think Faramir should have had at least one tear fall when his dad wished he were dead) I can’t wait to see the extended version!


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