Magnificent! – If only i lived in Middle Earth…

by Feb 9, 2004Reviews

Never has there been a better trilogy then The Lord of the Rings, but The Return of the King tops the others by far! I never estimated just how good the movie would be, or how much better it could make the others!

There were a few things that needed work, however, as there are in all movies. First, there needed to be more about the army of the dead. Aragorn needs a speech, and they need to wander around in the mountain for a little while and fight some dead guys. Also, they need to put in the scowering of the Shire. It’s not like the Shire was perfect and untouched. Oh yeah, they needed just a little bit of Saurumon.

Still, the good parts were excellent, and the sad parts made me cry. I don’t usually cry in movies, but the end was just a tearjerker. And when Farameir says, “If I should return, think better of me, Father.” it’s just so sad! There were lots of parts like that.

John Rhese-Daves (or however his name is spelled) was really good with all his comedy lines. I love the part where Pippin says, “The salted pork is particularly good.” I love to see Gimli’s reaction! I also love the line (this was almost as great as “I am no man”, “Certainty of death, small chance of success… what are we waiting for?” That is an awesome line!

Some of Gollum’s computer animation needed work. It just wasn’t real. Like when he flipped down from the top of the cave with one hand in the beggining.

The best part of the whole movie is when they light the beacons. Oh, I love that scene! It’s amazing to watch, and the music is great! I love that part! It proves you don’t need comedy or fighting for a great movie. That is an awesome scene!

Overall, The Return of the King is dramatic and effective. It touches the audience, making them laugh, cry, and get a wonderful rush of excitement you can’t get anywhere else! I have seen it four times in theaters, and don’t plan to stop anytime soon! For those of you who haven’t seen it, see it by all means. for those who have… see it again! You are highly privelaged people! This is the best movie EVER, and i give it a billion stars out of five!


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