Lord of the Rings: Return of the King – My review

by Jan 25, 2004Reviews

I saw LOTR:ROTK. It was really good! At the end, Frodo and Sam are very close to death. They are climbing the hill to destroy the ring and Frodo is so tired and can go no further. He falls to the ground and rolls down the hill with no energy at all to stop himself. Sam tries his best to save him, but Smeagol gets to him first. He tries to steal the ring and gets it. I forgot most of it, but i’ll spoil and say that the ring is destroyed. I have no idea when it comes out. For all you Legolas fans (like me) i’ll say that you don’t see enough of Legolas in the movie! That really sucks! I went with my friend and every time we even say a little bit of his ear or his hair, she’d start drooling and all the girls in the theater would gasp! The movie is 3 hours long. It’s really good though! Can’t wait till it comes out on DVD! I’m getting it when it does!



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