Is RoTK all you expected it to be? – Return of the King

by Jan 24, 2004Reviews

I walked into the cinema with my grandfather and sat down, eagerly anticipating the third instalment of The Lord Of The Rings. Popcorn in hand, coke in the other I waited through the lengthy and pointless ads. Then it came.
Return of the King started fabuously getting straight to the point. Then the war started. My eyes were glued to the screen, everything was so detailed, the special effects were brilliant. I watched in awe as Legolas climbed up the oliphant and chuckled as Gimli yelled, “That still only counts as one!” And even though so much was good about this film, there were aspects that displeased me. One aspect was that I felt everything was moving so fast. Everything fell into place so quickly, and it seemed desicions had already been made before they had been said. Actions were done without thought. It surprised me.
Another aspect that displeased me was how Frodo was acted. No offence to Elijah Wood, he is my favourite actor, but, there was something missing in his character. You see, I did not feel quite ‘sorry’ for him, I felt more disturbed by his behavior and I know that was one feeling that I was meant to feel, but I know I was also meant to feel sorry for him. In Frodo, I could see an evil aspect, and since I could not feel the pain Frodo felt and I could not share his emotional instability it was all I could see. Especially when he discarded Sam. And over bread!
I found the book delved more deeply into the emotions of the two hobbits, though the book was not as exciting as the film. So I hold them both in high regard. Plus, I loved the scene where Sam rescued Frodo, that re-established something within me. For in the third film, Frodo and Sam seemed somewhat distant from each other, even though there was also an emotional thread between them. An emotional thread that was sliping. But I guess it all fits in the end so what am I talking about?
I also felt that when the ghosts of warriors long-dead came out it was a little out of place. The dead warriors never had any mention before in the film and I felt like they were just there because it was relevant, and they were needed. I kind of felt like it was a last resort (even though it truly was) and I ‘spose that was why they never had any mention in the previous films…
So, you probably all hate me now for saying all that, so maybe I should shut my mouth. But for all you who are STILL reading I want to point out the best aspects of the film!
1. The special effects are realistic beyond belief and are very convincing. This is what keeps you in your seat. It’s so believable…
2. The story-line is one of the best ever in existence. The connection between the characters is moving and the battle scenes are AWESOME!
3. Billy Boyd sings.
So, is the Return of the King all you expected it to be? Maybe if you think there was no fault with this film except maybe little glitches maybe you will AT LEAST agree with me when I say that maybe it should have been longer. Such an excellent film should not have been so limited. But thats the way it is. What were your thoughts as you saw the third movie? Did you think it was faithful enough to the book?
As I left the cinema I was extraodinarily pleased with the film and I am definately going to but the DVD when it is released! I regard it as one of the most exciting, exhilerating, invigorating and entrancing fantasy film I’ve ever seen. If you have not yet seen it, and are replying on my review I beg of you, go see it!


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