I’m So Depressed – TTT Review.

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When I left the theatre last year after watching FOTR for the first time, I was ecstatic. I couldn’t wait to see it again, and again, and again… Sure, there were some parts that bothered me (Lothlorien – no gifts!), but most of the movie was true to Tolkien and absolutely stunning. It was just so beautiful and the hobbits (my favorites) were exactly as I had pictured them.

Fast forward a few months… I bought the extended DVD, and fell in love all over again. I loved the new Lothlorien scenes, the new Shire scenes, the Aragorn/Boromir conflict scenes, etc. I was so looking forward to TTT.

Then I started seeing rumors on the web. And I started to worry. But I thought, oh well, I’m sure it will be okay. It will be “darker,” “more grim,” “less like the book.” Okay, I can handle that.

Yesterday, I sneaked off to see TTT. (My husband has been teasing me about my obsession, so I didn’t tell anyone I was going). I went to an 11:00 am showing. There were very few people there which surprised me, but it was the middle of the week.

And now, I am so disappointed. I looked forward to this for a whole year, and this is what I got? I found myself looking at my watch frequently, and wondering, what is going on here? Where is the beauty of FOTR? Where was the relationship between Sam and Frodo? Where was Gandalf? I liked the old Gandalf MUCH better. I cringed when Aragorn and Arwen were kissing, enough already, we get it!

And poor Faramir, he could have been portrayed as in the books so easily. And what the heck was the deal with the Nazgul and Frodo? We all know that Nazgul would have torn Frodo apart and taken the ring in an instant. And Frodo attacking Sam! Aragorn falling off a cliff – why? Smeagol telling Gollum to leave and never come back? This was handled so much better in the book.

Maybe its just that I’m not much of a “battle” person. I’m not much into slashing and crashing of swords, etc. And there was a lot of that in this movie. But, it moved too quickly in some parts, and much too slowly in others.

I am going to see this movie again, because I really want to like it. I’m not purist, I just don’t see the point in some of the changes. I admit, I love LOTR the books. I’ve read them at least 15 times. But I’m willing to accept some changes – but some of these just didn’t make sense. I really hope I can grow to like this movie, but right now I don’t think I’ll be buying this DVD, and my next viewing may very well be my last.


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