Im grieved….

by Dec 18, 2002Reviews

Well, I saw the movie today. I didnt like it. The first movie was better. I’m really really grieved. I didn’t expect something like it. OK, I did expect some changes in the plot and they did happen, But some of them were really stupid. I think Peter Jackson exagerated! Why did he came up with the scene where Aragorn is lost? Why Gandalf returns to Helm’s Deep with humans and not trees (Huorns)? What are elves doing in Helm’s Deep?! The only elf there was Legolas! I see no point in those changes… They serve nothing! Not even the movie’s plot!! No meaning!!

I didn’t expect so many stupid scenes full of tears and meaningless dialogs. This is not Tolkien’s style. This is not Tolkien’s ideology. Tolkien doesn’t exagarate. Tolkien has nothing to do with Hollywood ideology. Tolkien is simple and plain and that’s why his work is beautiful. This whole romance of the movie with Arwen and her father and Aragorn and also Sam in the end was disgusting. But, it’s hollywood, isn’t it? Their main goal is MONEY, and that’s why they made all these romances and stupid scenes. Because the movie wouldn’t sell otherwise.

OK, Jackson made the films not only for Tolkien’s fans but for everyone. But why do you have to vandalise a beautiful book in order to sell and gain money, Money. Money…?! Dont you have any other ideas? I guess not….. and I can see that from your previous movies. I have nothing more to say. It’s a pity.


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