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by Dec 18, 2002Reviews

I haven’t written a journal entry in a long time. But this travesty merits a journal entry like nothing else does.
“Much that was, is now lost. For none now live who remember it.” — Galadriel, Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring movie. Perhaps this is not true of Tolkien’s LOTR trilogy (i.e., the actual book) but tonight, it sure feels like it. I don’t think that Peter Jackson and his team of mutilators understand this, but Middle-earth is not cheap entertainment. It’s not merely a book to be read for fun. It’s an entire world, a universe, that can exist to us. One could argue that it does exist in a different dimension (if you’re a physics/p chem person that understands time and dimension arguments). It is a world with its own history, its own timelines, its own languages, its own geography and its own characters. It is a world of such magnificence that very few writers have ever come close to creating anything similar. Consequently, most would do well not to tamper with it more than necessary.

I understand that when making any movie, particularly a movie of such proportions as LOTR, one must make tough decisions involving restructuring and deleting pieces of the original book. Where necessary, I respect those changes, though of course I wish that they weren’t necessary. However, changing for the sake of changing, changing because you know people will come to see it anyways, that I do not respect. Changing because YOU feel the book should have gone some other way isn’t acceptable. I’m not even sure I was in the right theater and saw the right movie, because what I saw was some action/comedy/romance cross that didn’t really resemble the book at all. Allow me to elaborate:

– Arwen. Arwen needs to die, go to hell, go to the Grey Havens, go somewhere that is NOT in movie two. Arwen is NOT a major character, she isn’t even supposed to speak until Book III. I am a feminist, but we don’t need to feminize fantasy. Also, I REALLY did not need to see Arwen getting ready to make out on top of Aragorn. Ugh. I think of their love for each other as something timeless, pure, and a lot about the sexual aspect, though they do eventually have at least one child together. The same goes for Elrond. He is NOT in book two. Period. We should not have seen him.

– Faramir. Faramir is a noble man in the book. He resists the power of the Ring, he aids Frodo, he demonstrates that there IS hope in the world of men; that Aragorn is not the only one who is strong. To quote Sam from the book, “Good night, Captain, my lord. You took the chance, sir, and showed your quality, the very highest.” This was not so in the movie, where Faramir really was little better than a second Boromir.

– What is up with:
o Aragorn appearing to die, and then returning;
o Frodo holding out the Ring to the Nazgul;
o The Elves joining the Rohirrim at Helm’s Deep.(!!!)
o SO much Arwen stuff that they couldn’t fit a lot of Book II into the second movie; ROTK will seriously have to be 4


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