I Ran Out Of Tissues – a review of The Return of the King

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I Ran Out Of Tissues

Well, just like probably half the world did Wednesday, December 17, 2003, I went to The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. And they all probably gushed like me: “That was the best movie I’ve ever seen!” or atleast something to that extent. But to tell you the honest-to-gosh truth this is the best movie I have ever seen in my whole life and that is NO exaggeration! … I’m serious…

This movie had so much in it: the story, the characters, the landscapes, the settings, the scenes, the magic, and mystery surrounding all that was woven into Tolkien’s story. It’s very easy to be drawn into it’s many wonders and fascinations. Now of course, our beloved PJ went and messed up some stuff again (grr), BUT this movie was so good, that I’m going to bite off anyone’s head who complains too much! I know that a few things were off from the book, but that is natural when it comes to adapting books to the big screen. Now I believe he didn’t need to change some things that he did, but honestly ask yourself, did he change too much that you still can’t enjoy the movie and take that memorable quest with Frodo?? … of course not.

Now, on with the review…

Here We Go…

Well, I really liked how the movie started, taking you back to where you left off. Pippin and Merry drinking and smoking as Gandalf rode up was cute. And I love the comment Merry gives to Pip later in the movie: “You smoke too much, Pip.”

I also enjoyed Leggy’s oliphant scene. “That only counts as one!” The whole theater busted up at that comment.

I love Eowyn’s battle against the witch king. I think Eowyn defines real courage. She’s just a woman, supposed to stay at home, taking care of everyone, be a mother. But not Eowyn. She broke the rules and rode off. It was impressive how she cut off the wraith’s beast’s head; she must be strong! The whole mace thing also was scary. I woulda died if some evil wraith lord was towering over me, swinging this huge mace thingy at me! I liked how she eventually killed the Witch King and he kinda shriveled up. You have to admit that that was pretty cool. Eowyn’s bravery shows in how she stood up for her Uncle even though it could have been her death. That is real bravery, doing the right thing even though you could be hurt or killed. I admire her for her bravery – hers and Merry’s matter of fact. He was told not to come either, but he found a way and did what he knew was the right thing to do. Eowyn’s life was saved because he was there.

So yes, as I’ve established, this movie has some awesome characters showing characteristics not common in this day and age, sadly. Would you stick by your best friend’s side, even to possibly the death of you both? The doom of the whole world? Or would you just shrug your shoulders, walk by, and go, “Your problem, pal.”? We need more people like Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli,…and Sam. No, Sam was no warrior, but he had a warriors heart. This brings me to the next part of my review.

An Emotional Story

This movie had very deep emotions running through it. I think that’s why I liked it – it was just so powerful! You feel so bad for Sam because Gollum’s turning poor Mr. Frodo against him. And you just want to scream to Frodo, “Stop listening to him!! What’s your problem?! Can’t you see he’s a stinkin’ liar!” But if you did that everyone in the theater would just give you a weird look. Wait till the DVD comes out, than you scream comments to the characters all you want.

Anyway, yes, this movie was very emotional and touching. And not just in scenes with Frodo and Sam. There were scenes with Merry and Pippin, Eowyn and Theoden, Faramir and his father…

But what really got to me were just some of the very last scenes. When Frodo was hanging from the ledge in Mount Doom over the gigantic lava stream, bloody hands slipping and Sam reaching down yelling, “Don’t you dare let go!” I cried. I had been tearing up the whole movie, but at that moment I cried. And in the very end of the movie when Frodo was leaving I cried right along with My Sam. When Sam cries you gotta feel bad.

It was sad. But all so beautifully done and I know I’m going to go again. You can’t help it, you just gotta love this stuff!

The Good Stuff

Ok, enough depressing things! I hope none of you are crying…but you do need to note there was some pretty good stuff in this movie. I mean come on, we had Gimli as our comic relief, some awesome battles, and some amazing breathtaking scenery! We had a crazy old guy who wanted to burn his last son along with himself. There were also some beautiful songs sung by Pip and Aragorn. (Though you have to feel bad for Pippin – having to waste his pretty voice on a guy who just sat the whole movie and stuffed food into his face.) And we saw Aragorn and Arwen wed. Very sweet. We finally saw Shelob!! I dunno if it’s just me, but I thought that she’d be bigger that that. Not a ton bigger, but bigger still. Oh well, it was still cool. We saw some more great stuff from Andy Serkis, and … yah the list goes on and on! But here’s something I really liked. I don’t know if you could say it’s my favorite thing from the movie, but I liked it:

I think that what Peter Jackson did at the end of the movie made up for all of his mistakes. He ended it exactly how it should have ended.

“Well, I’m back.”

And even though The Lord of the Rings won’t be back next December, I know I’ll be watching it and reading it because The Lord of the Rings will never die. It will always be there.


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