I agree with Evenstar about what she wrote!

by Jan 1, 2004Reviews

This is Loralie again! I just can’t get over how awsome the Return of the King was, so I had to write some more about it.

Sorry if I keep going on and on about what I think but here it is, Evenstar, you were so right on how Pippin totaly wasted his beautifull voice on that horrid old man, Denethor,.
Yes, I, as well as probably most of America, think Pippin is definately the CUTEST of the cast members. Infact, my friend and me made up songs for Billy Boyd(Pippin) and Orlando Bloom (Legolas). Billy Boyd’s type song would be a cute little rap/pop song with little voices in the background (i’m sure he’d really like to hear that–not), or accualy if you think about it his song should be a bag-pipe reel or jig.
Now Orlando Bloom’s song would be a spicy salsa.

Every thing about that film was so great. I feel all weepy whenever I think about it now. I heard that PJ is going to make a Hobbit movie and he’s going to use some of the same cast members such as Ian holm( Bilbo),Ian mcKellenas Gandalf, Hugo Weaving as Elrond and such.
I am so exited for that. Oh, who thinks PJ should do a whole history on L.O.T.R.’s? Like the Silmarillion and the Lays of Beleriand and the forgotten tales, then we could see more elves.
AAh, I can’t wait to go see Return of the King again
well gotta go!


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