Hypercritical maybe? – Someone who doesn’t consider himself a “Tolkien Scholar” gives a review of TTT

by Dec 18, 2002Reviews

Apparently a lot of people had really high expectations for this film. I really don’t blame them for that. The books were an amazing peice of fiction. The first movie was excellent. However, you can’t go in expecting to see the exact book on screen. Thats impossible, very few movie goers could sit through a 6 hour movie. I would love to see it, but you have to be realistic here people. Peter Jackson made a movie that everyone can enjoy, not just fans of the books that expect to see exactly what Tolkien so masterfully put on paper. Anyway on to my review, feel free to nit pick it like you people do to everything else, you’re no better than trekkies.

One great thing that was included that no one has mentioned yet was Legolas and Gimli keeping score at Helms Deep, that was one of my favorite parts from the book and it translated well onto the screen. It truly reveals the friendship between the two. As for Gimli being the butt of jokes, I really didn’t mind, he shows that he can more then make up for his size with his axe. I don’t think his character suffered. Legolas riding down the shield seemed a bit cheesy to me, but many of my friends who hadn’t read the books thought it was neat. I figure that if these movies reach the public and make them read the books then they’ve accomplished their mission.

I agree, Faramir wasn’t portrayed as he was in the book, but guess what? I got over it. I have faith that in the next movie he will act more like Faramir.

By now its obvious that I’m not a purist, I love the books, I love the movies. I didn’t expect an exact adaptation, and thats why I am pleased with these movies. Compare them to other things out there, the Star Wars Prequels? suck in comparison, don’t make me bring up more of the drivel that hits theatres. Enjoy good cinema when you can get it guys.

Well that’s enough out of me, comments are welcome.


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