Great Film.and I agree…

by Dec 20, 2003Reviews

I first got interested in Hobbits and such in 6th grade when we read the Hobbit. I had such a vivid picture of how everything would look and true to my own vision is what peter Jackson did.

Now, onto ROTK. Having not read the books, ( I was waiting to see the movies first so that I did not have to try and keep such trcak of all the vocabulary, pelple and places in the books. I already have a decent start by watching the movies)…I really enjoyed this film.

One of the thoughts I had after the first one, was, “Im not ready to leave. Just start rolling the Second One now”.

And again, I had that feeling with this film. ‘Dances With Wolves’ is about the same length, but are definitely times in DWW that I just can’t stomach and lose interest. Not so with ROTK.

One of the interesting things I felt with this movie is that I, even though I have not read the books, could feel where the cuts were. I dont believe in arguing over whether Peter Jackson changed the color of Aragorn’s hair or something from the book …That idea just bores me to be “that into it”. No one can make a movie perfect the book… especially a Tokien book.

However, I felt the cuts. At the end of TTT Aragorn and Co stand victorious at Helms Deep. Now, all of a sudden, they are riding into Isengard…too much of a jump for me.
Did you feel, like I did, that the coronation seen and Aragorn rising to the throne was way UNDERDONE. Seems like it should have been more dramatic. Certainly when they all bow to the Hobbits is dramatic, but the rest of it… not so much.

Perhaps, and as many other reviewers have noticed, the lack of character development here was disappoinitng, but also understanding that this really is just a trailer for the 20 hoiur complete box set that will be out in a couple of years.

A distinct lack of of development of anything but Frodo and Sam. Now, they are the principal story in all of this, but actually having Legolas int he movie more etc….

Truly though….can’t complain..and I will sit thru the final ROTK someday all 6 hours or whatever it ends up to be…..

Final thought though…and this is the most telling thing….If I were George Lucas, I would seriously rewrite all three of his NEW Star Wars films…honestly… I know they weren’t written by the great Tolkien… but come on… Did we need a 45 minute pod racer scene……????? I originally was looking forward to Star Wars Episode 3… not anymore… saving my money for more and more LOTR.

Thanks for your time. This is whats on my mind.


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