Give PJ a Little Slack – A Note on the Two Towers

by Dec 23, 2002Reviews

Some of the critics here are a bit hasty with their synopsis of TTT…

Why should we worry about Frodo being on the west bank of the Anduin? (although I was shocked to see it!) Why would Sauron perceive the ring? Certainly when Sam wears the ring at Cirith Ungol and is presumeably knocked unconcious with it still on wouldn’t Sauron have a fix on him too?

PJ and his crew went to great pains to make these films authentic! Could you imagine a better hideout for Faramir or a pool for Gollum to fish in? Could Edoras be any closer to what you had imagined from the books? I mean come one here. This is outstanding work. The great thing about this story and its characters is the malleability of them. Is anyone on these boards out there working on the next series about Gandalf in the dungeons of the Necromancer? Dozens of interesting Novels and Films can be derived through the extensive mythology Tolkein set down for us.

Before we judge PJ we need to take into account the incredible hollywood juggernaut he faced and tackled just to get this tremendous work to us. The feat is no less than remarkable to me, living here in “the wood” and working and knowing these entertainment idiots as I do.

The simple truth is that big-budget films don’t get made unless they cater to at least some of the hard-fast rules………….be thankful Beorn, of course played by Samuel L. Jackson, didn’t show up in a panama hat and cigar and an uzi to wipe-out the Wargs!!



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