Gimli swallowed by Treebeard????? – one fans review

by Dec 18, 2002Reviews

I just returned from spending the day watching the latest and greatest. It amazed me see the book thru Peter Jackson’s eyes and mind.

I felt as though I was right there in the story the whole time. I was enchanted to with the whole love triangle thing going on. But slightly alarmed when Aragorn so readily greated Eowyn after returning from his fall off the cliff (WHAT CLIFF) That was a stretch for the imagination but good for the movie.

Helms Deep was well it just was all of that and more. I liked the elves arrival and reaffirmation of the alliance. Yea Hero’s!

I did not like Frodo and Sam being hauled off to Gondor and I definately did not like the way they protrayed Faramir.
They made him out to be this insidious bovine when he seemed to be more insightfull and much more brave than he was.

Perhaps they could have spent a little less time on Gollum rolling in the dirt fighting his dual personalities. At one point I really wanted to put him on my brothers couch and get him some much needed counseling.

Now to the much anticipated Ent’s. Did Gimli get swallowed by TreeBeard? With all this effort put into the movie they could have gotten someone else for the voice. Bad Form PJ!

Also I love the ents as many do and would have like to seen them portrayed as warm and courageous as they are in the book. Again I go back to saying gollum needed counseling and less screen time.

What would have made the movie even more enjoyable was not having to sit through 6 hours of teenage girls screaming every time Orlando Bloom was on screen( I kid you not I had to threaten them 1/2 way thru the first showing) and a little less hardy laughter at certain points of the film.

Other than that It was down right awesome and I can’t wait to see it at least 20 or so more times. Maybe I’ll even get lucky and go to a showing with out teenage girls screaming in my ear.


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