Female screenwriters ruin Aragorn – The Two Towers Review

by Dec 30, 2002Reviews

The female touch in the sreenwriting, has ruined some of my favorite scenes and characters from the book. In general one could say, that everytime something goes wrong, Arwen is involved. And so Arwen has become my favorite hate character of the movie. After watching TTT, I have a feeling that Aragorn would be much better of with Eowyn instead. Arwen is turning him into a sissy, and Eowyn might just be what he needs to find his balls.

How can Aragorn turn into the strong willed character, he is when he defies Sauron, and gazes into the Palantir? He is a good warrior, they got that right. But his will appears to be weak. In the movie, Aragorn would be nothing without Arwen, and that is definitely NOT the way Tolkien meant it to be.

There has been much criticism of Faramir, but I don’t really think that all of it is fair. I would have liked him to appear a little more frindly, but Faramir doesn’t really appear to fall to the rings power, the same way as Boromir. He only wants to send the ring, as a gift to his father, much like in the books. Hopefully this will be shown more clearly in the extended edition.

Another character that has disappointed me in the movie is Elrond. I don’t recall from the books, that he had so little faith in Aragorn as he does in the movie. But of course, if you look at the way Aragorn is shown in the movie, I cannot really blame him.

Changed scenes that annoy me:
The ringwraiths at Rivendell.
In the books Frodo sat alone on the horse, which made the scene much more powerful. One of my favorite scenes from the book, ruined!! (The female screenwriters?)

Nazgul attacks Osgiliath.
The weak movie version of the Ringwraith should be a complete idiot, to charge several Gondorian bowmen like that. The Ringwraths from the books caused fear, and charged from the Sky like lightning. No hovering above like an idiot for several minutes, making an easy target.

Aragorn falls over a cliff, and is almost killed.
Just one question. Why????

The ents deciding NOT to attack Isengard?? Is this done to emphasise the fact that it is the Hobbits that persuades them?? A completely unnecessary sidestep from the book.

Besides from all this, I loved the movie. It is really fantastic, especially: Gollum, Wormtongue, Eowyn, Theoden, Gandalf fighting the Balrog, the Siege at Helms deep, Ents attacking Isengard. It is 90% perfect!! Watching it the second time was much better, because I didn’t let the bad 10% ruin the rest of the experience.


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