False prophecies in the LoTR movies – how the Wise make prophecies that turn out wrong, and the Simple make prophecies that turn out right (in the movie ONLY)

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OK. I must say that I am a Tolkien Purist, and that I disliked the movie because of its course straying unnecessarily from the book. before i go into the topic of my message, i would also like to state that the move RoTK went against Tolkien where it didn’t have to. in some scenes, a character would say a small phrase that was COMPLETELY OPPOSITE what was said in the book. WHY cant PJ just quote Tolkien, instead of contradicting him. its too small to be of importance to non-Tolkien readers, but it bothers me, and, i think, others like myself who know and love the books.
whew! ok, im done there.

into the main topic of my article:
False prophesies in RoTK

quite often in the midst of the movie, a character supposedly wise, will say something. Such as Gandalf saying there is no hope, and then Aragorn saying there is. Where Gandalf again (he is my fave character, LOL, and i know him to be wise) says he has sent Frodo to his death, but one of the hobbits says no, its all fine. Then, Galadriel and Elrond have a kind of weird telepathic conversation, and Galadriel says, “and the Ring Bearer begins to understand and that this Quest will take his life.” Now, this isnt exactly a full out prophecy, but they would only say ‘understand’ if it was true. AND ITS NOT!!!.
Well, OK, you could argue that:
1) Aragorn is a King, and his blood line is directly descended from the rulers of Númenor, who are wise and powerful and yada yada yada yada. But is he really fit to argue with one of the Maiar, the lesser Gods? And the Wisest one at that?

2)Hobbits are suposed to be small, simple creatures who rise up and, as Gandalf says, “The fate of us all shall depend upon a Hobbit.” But really, hobbits are simplistic. They have willpower, endurance, a strong grasp on hope, yes, but those are all simplistic attributes. These are simple but noble hobbits but, STILL, they ARE NOT WISE. and once again, think of who they are arguing with: Olorin, Wisest of the Maiar.

3)No one is arguing with the Wise this time, but these are Eldar. Galadriel was in the beginning, when the Elves were called by the Valar to come, and dwell with them in Valinor. Elrond is descended of the line of Beren, king of men and immortal, and Luthien daughter of the Maiar Melian and of the powerful elf-king Thingol. and yet they prophesy wrongly. They both also bear rings of power (as does Gandalf) So it’s not REALLY a prophesy but it seems to be intended to be one (with the mystical elf-music playing in the backround and whatnot). and if it isnt, then whoever wrot the script should have revised it, because they just completely made useless my time by writin this, and yours by reading this (not to mention the frustration of all the Tolkienists out there who realized also this problem).

These are not all the false prophecies done by the wise, nor all the correct ones made by the simple. But they are some choice ones. Next time you watch the movie, try to remember these, and watch for others.

note: most of these prophesies, of both somple and wise, occur throughout the LoTR movies, though mostly in the last two (TTT & RoTK).


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