Evenstar1 ‘s Return of The king Review! – ROTK Review!

by Dec 20, 2003Reviews

Well I have been waiting for this film for too long. Full of excitment an wonderment at the same time. Now this review is written after my second viewing of the film.
The opening sequence would have been better placed in the Two Towers an I did not like Smegols voice. It was too much like Gollums. The whole opening to me did not fit right an did not seem to set the mood correct for the movie. Minas Tirith was spectacular!!! Beyond amazing an I love it! The Witch king was very creepy an was well protrayed. Gandalf fighting at Minas Tirith was well done as well. Pippin was very believable as well. The bond between Eowyn an Theoden was well shown an had more depth. Not enough scenes with Eomer though. Denethor evil to the core. Faramir made me cry. The vision Arwen has as she is traveling to the harbors of the grey havens was tear jerking. Its part of the future we never get to see but PJ an company let us glimpse it.THANK YOU! Lighting of the beacons was stunning an gave me chills. The treachery of Gollum was gut wrenching but so well acted. I felt throughtout this whole film. I was there in Middle-Eath. The paths of the dead seemed very short to me. Seemed rushed. Aragorn an the corsairs was great. I could go on about it all but will sum it all here. The slaying of the witchking was done wonderfully an I was cheering right along for Eowyn. The crowning of King Elessar was emotional for me an his corination speech was beautifully done By Mr. Mortensen. The Kiss between him an Arwen was very moving an excatally loves labours fullfilled. The moment when Frodo wakes up an sees Gandalf then everyone else was emotional as well. The ending was to the book perfect. This film is not a film but something I will cherish for the rest of my life as I do the books. This will not disapoint even a newcomer to the movie or the hardest book purist. There were elements an parts of the story I would have liked to see but I will wait for the Special Edition dvd. I want to be there an back again.


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