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Ok. Where to start? I’ve never done one of these before, so….first of all, I have to say that going into this movie I was unhappy about all the changes I’d heard about… I was pretty mad, especially about Arwen being in it. But by the time we were looking for seats in the theater (which was pretty packed), I’d forgotten about all that stuff and was totally hyped to watch. Reviewing the scene with the Balrog was a pretty good way to start the movie, especially since I know some of the people I was with hadn’t seen all of or couldn’t remember the first movie, so that helped ease them in. I sort of felt that Frodo and Sam were pushed to the back burner for the whole movie though… but I guess their storyline really isn’t that important in this book… NOT! grr. Gollum looked different than I remembered… he looked scarily feminine. But all in all, I was pretty impressed by how realistic he was. People laughed at him almost more than all the pathetic Gimli jokes I think… geez, give me a break. A little humor goes a long way in this sort of story, as far as I’m concerned. Some of the Gimli jokes were good… I liked the tossing at the end. But somehow I didn’t think the character flowed from the first movie… he went from serious to the laughing stock of the movie…. or is that just me?

Legolas was AWESOME. I liked him in the first movie, especially in the Extended Edition cos you know, he actually speaks Elvish… why would he do such a thing?! . His scared speech to Theoden or whatever you want to call that… ehhh not to hot. Kind of contradicts his Elven perfection if you ask me, especially when he apologizes to Aragorn. And what was with that sliding shield thing? All of a sudden we throw a modern type scene in? grrr. Orlando was looking pretty hott if you ask me though. Glad he got more time on-screen. And he was pretty close to the book Leggy I think.

Ents- geez, even if I hadn’t known Treebeard’s voice was done by John Rhys-Davies, I bet you any money I could’ve figured it out. Couldn’t he have TRIED to change his voice…? Just a little? I was super stressed out when Treebeard said he wasn’t doing anything about Saruman. And later on, did anyone else notice that there were like, 10 Ents at the Entmoot, then when Treebeard did his nifty cry thing, a ton more showed up? The flooding was nifty. But I don’t think Ents were given their full importance….it seems like they’re just there for fun. And Merry and Pippin’s transportation. I guess they way the Ents decided to do something was more dramatic… but still… c’mon!

Grima- freakin scary.. awesome job there. But I’m not sure I liked the “evil demon… leave this soul alone!” thing with Theoden… that wasn’t what I remembered from the book.

Saruman- Saruwho? where was he in this movie?????

Gandalf – I thought Gandalf was a bit more important… or at least cooler than to show up at the end of the movie, plaster on a huge smile, and run his horse into those little toothpicks… man…. grrr. Wasn’t overly impressed with Helm’s Deep anyway. Took way too long just to get there, and I mean, anybody who’s read the books (and probably some who haven’t) can tell the entire movie is just building up to the battle. Then the battle wasn’t terribly interesting to me. It just seemed long and drawn out. And the Gimli cracks… OK, it was amusing the first time…but after that…. please… just make it stop.

Aragorn- what the heck was up with the cliff thing? grrrr. Lousy excuse to get more Arwen in there. And geez, did they have to make out all the time? I wasn’t there to the A’s swap spit… really. It also doesn’t help that the theater I was at just decided to throw in an intermission there too… I was pretty ticked by that. And with Aragorn riding to Helm’s Deep, half the time he looked like he was about to fall off his horse, but then the rest of the time he looked normal. C’mon people. Liked his speaking Elvish though. Did he have to leave Haldir??? Guess so. I was sad though. Speaking of which… Haldir, man. I almost peed my pants when he walks on screen. Yea Elves! But then he died. I was almost in tears. I miss him already.

Arwen- I wasn’t happy that she was going to be in this movie at all, but I guess, looking back, that she really wasn’t that obtrusive. Except for the couch thing with Aragorn… THAT was freaky.

Faramir- Grrr. Didn’t like the way he was portrayed at all. Seemed like a major loser if you ask me.

Absence of Shelob- WAY not happy this is going to be pushed into the third movie… or at least I HOPE the third movie… why did they do this? Tolkien’s ending was a perfect cliffhanger! I’m sorry, but I thought for sure they’d put this in. You can’t save allll the best for last!

Eomer- Who? He was barely even in the movie… I feel bad for <A HREF=”″]Karl Urban… he did an awesome job for the little bit he was actually in the movie.

Eowyn- Miranda Otto was great… I’ll leave it at that.

Theoden- what a wuss! Just go fight already! Stop messing around and get to the point! And his old version was really ugly/scary.

Umm, what else to say? I can’t think of anything else. I think overall the movie was still awesome. I expected to be sitting there picking out every little detail that wasn’t in the book…. but I really didn’t. I got so caught up in the action that there wasn’t much I complained about. This whole review thing sounds pretty negative… but don’t get me wrong, I loved the movie and hopefully am going again this weekend. Don’t let these complaints stop you. Go see the movie, it’s worth the time. Really.


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