Disappointed again

by Dec 24, 2003Reviews

I posted on the TT after I first saw the film. Now the night after seeing ROTK I though I might as well post on it too. Overall I was unhappy with the film. Some factors are carried over from the TT and others are new. Sometimes I feel as though Peter Jackson didnt even really read into the books at all. All through the movie it seemed like PJ was just trying to hurry up and end it. Im still unhappy with Theoden and the portrayal of the Rohirrim. In the TT they were always running and seemed to barely be able to come up with enough soldiers to man the walls of Helm’s Deep. But in the third film I felt that their warrior like nature was brought out. These are the finest horsemen in ME and they finally show this in ROTK, I got chills when Theoden rode along the lines and gave his speech. And chills even larger when the Rohirrim swept the orcs away in their charge. The Battle of the Pelennor Fields is my favorite part of the books. I can reread those chapters over and over. I was disappointed by the way that so much of the battle was cut out when the first part of the book is nothing but that battle really. Where was Eomer mourning over Theoden and calling his riders to him to make that final stand. Where was Prince Imrahil and the marching of the people of the coastlands into Minas Tirith? (which i might add looked wonderful) I thought the army of the dead was really cool though. I was just hoping that the Battle would have been portrayed closer to the book because it is my favorite. I was disappointed also with Denethor. This man may have been crazed in the end, but he was a noble from a long line of a proud family. PJ made him seem like some barbarian while eating. i was sick watching that. Where was the Ramas Echor? And the part about Faramir charging at Osgiliath was stupid. Any military commander wouldn’t have made that move no matter how hard they wanted to please daddy. I did not see the Mouth of Sauron either. I must say awesome seeing the Eagles come at the last battle. Where were the Dunedain? Elrohir and Elladan? though not important characters in the book they are still worth being portrayed in the movie. I loved the battle scenes. my favorite chapters before my eyes finally. But overall i was just very unhappy with ROTK.


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