Concerning The movie – The Return of the King

by Jan 6, 2004Reviews

This movie in a way let down the lord of the ring’s fans in a big way. A lot of the movie was done wrong. Gollum died the wrong way. The Green army was not supposed to go into the city walls of Minis Tirith. Sam was not supposed to leave Frodo. And last of all Aragorn is supposed to set out with the Sword of kings at the beginning not the middle (but it was done this way because the second movie did not finish like the book but what just can you do… But besides all this wrong doing this is still the greatest movie of this century . This movie was done with great care and it is the end of the stunning journey. One that started out with a Hobbit from the shire. Who had to take a journey to the mountain of doom in the heart of Mordor. To destroy the greatest evil, the one Ring to rule them all. And in the end he doesn’t even destroy it. Gollum is the great hero here(by accident of course).

This is a sad ending for the lord of the ring’s fans who have stayed loyal for 3 years or more. They now find them selves with nothing to be loyal to. Although there are rumours of the hobbit being made. Whether it is truth or just rumour. Well only time can tell. But alas thee who waits shall become informed when thee is ready. This movie along with the other two has being a almost 9 year task and the time has proven to be an asset that has allowed Peter Jackson to bring J.R.R Tolkiens The Lord Of The Rings the come to life. The only way each book could be done in movie terms is if the movies went for 3 hours and for Peter Jackson this still wasn’t enough so he made the special extended movies just to fit the rest in. The third movie will need a lot of extensions if it is to give more understanding to the viewer. This has not been a let down at all. This is still a movie trilogy that will be still considered a classic even 10 years later. Fair thee well. I have rated this movie as a 9 out of 10.


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