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by Dec 20, 2002Reviews

I just went to see The Two Towers and my heart is broken. I loved the first movie and thought it was just as good as the book. I went to this one thinking I would love it too, but how can you like it when 50% of the movie is made up: Aragorn falling off a cliff and then “saved” by Eowyn, Arwen talking with Dad about her not being mortal – what happened to the whole “I choose mortality thing” that happened in the first movie, and the major insult Frodo being taken prisoner by Faramir to a Gondor already under siege -what were they thinking? I could have handled some elaboration, like the Elves at Helms Deep, but to make up there own plots, unacceptable. Finally to spend all that time on the women and children blah, blah, blah, when they could have used the time for character development, shame on them. Two Towers is a good thing gone very wrong.


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