Billy Boyd! Who knew! – A simple girl’s review of the big screen

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Well, I’ve seen ROTK three times so far–with three different sets of friends– and the reactions have all been different. Meaning, really, that they were all swooning over a different guy. I’ve seen the movies from the beginning (way back in the day) and since setting eyes on him for the first time, I’ve been an Orlando-fan. It was interesting to try and watch the movies amongst the sighs of: “He’s soooo hot!”; “D’you think a ten year difference would rule out any chance of a realationship?”; and, of course, the occasional “HOT GUY! HOT GUY!”

But, as the movie’s plot progressed, I began to realize more and more, that Orlando wasn’t my dreamboat—it was Pippin!
*squeals girlishly* Billy Boyd! Who KNEW! AND HE SANG!
Of course, some other key movie moments were: Aragorn WASHING (yes, I said washing!) his hair, seeing Arwen’s future son (who had creepy eyes *shiver*), seeing the paths of the dead (full of booger-colored ghosts), and watching Eowyn kill the Witchking (Girl POWER!). Oh yeah, and PIPPIN SINGING!

Well, I guess I seem a little biased in my choices since the knew love of my life has become Billy Boyd. Some other cool scenes were when: Legolas killed the elephant and slid down the trunk, seeing Merry and Pippin (!!!!) smoking a bit too much Longbottom Leaf, and the cool-looking palantir (which, of course, also involved Pippin!).

So that’s my take on the ROTK. Have pippin–err–I mean–movie watching!


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