Best Movie!!! – Must see!

by Dec 22, 2003Reviews

Return of the King was a better movie than Fellowship of the Ring and the Two Towers combined. It had the sences that were cut out in the Two Towers like the Palantir and Shelob. Then it went on to how Frodo are taken by the orcs and Sam follows and on the other side, Gandalf takes Pippin to Minas Tirth. The war scenes are just great. But there are some mistakes. The movie never looks at Saruman’s decline, they don’t take much of Eomer, they don’t have the houses of Healing, and Denethor never sends Faramir out to take Osgiliath back. Faramir get hurt when they are coming back from Osgiliath the first time. but, it was good all the same. They should have just taken more of Eomer.


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