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by Dec 20, 2003Reviews

Well i have to say that RotK was the best of the three. I loved how they had so many scenes with Pippin becuase he is my fav hobbit and the singing was beautiful. I loved the heads too… i distinctly remeber reading that part in the book and thinking how horrible it would be to see your friends head lying next to you. I loved the sam/frodo parts in this movie…they were so moving unlike some scenes in the other movies which i found boring or annoying.

I was disappointed at how little the three hunters were in the moving especially considering that the movie is about the return of the king…meaning aragorn. I’m still thinking about the legolas/oliphaunt part. It was cool special effect wise but made me angry because it makes Legolas look like some kind of demi god. If he can bring down one oliphaunt by himself why not the whole army or bring 5-10 elves down from rivendell and win your self a battle quick and easy.
The thing i hated the most was the part where they talk about Arwen being tied to the ring. It made no sense and was just another excuse to bring her into the movie. She’s in them too much already.

But over all the movie was spectacular. I love how PJ pays such close attention to detail. The city of Minas Tirith was wonderful. I recommend everyone see it…and even though the movie is three and a half hours long it goes by so fast.

PS I hope it finally gets that well deserved oscar for best picture!!


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