Another ROTK review – A more in-depth look at the film

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I went to see The Return of the King for the second time on Monday, January the 5th. In a way, it moved me deeply, more so than the first time I saw it. Here are a few of the things that I noticed in particular:

First of all, Pippin. I have to say, Billy Boyd’s talent for acting shone out way more than in the previous films. He was excellent!!!!! You could really see the war beginning to affect him. Twice in grief and despair knowing he was about to die(even though of course he didn’t),he turned away and squeezed his eyes shut, and twice I found myself thinking ‘Is this really who I think it is???!!!

The same goes for Elijah Wood. By the time he and Sam reach Mount Doom, Frodo is unrecognisable, a shadow of the hobbit he had once been. Well done Elijah.

The scene where Arwen has the vision of Aragorn and her son on the way to the Grey Havens I think is absolutely beautiful.

But Arwen should have gotten a little more screen time – she is there at the beginning, and we only caught a glimpse of her at the end. (By the way, was her wedding dress white or green?)

I loved the bit where Faramir and his men are setting out to retake Osgiliath, where their horses are trotting, then cantering, then galloping faster and faster. The dramatic moment was really captured.

What else? Oh yes…When Theoden is encouraging his men and they all cheer, and Eowyn yells, that bit raised goosebumps on my arms, I swear.

I also like the scene where Aragorn is about to be killed by the troll and Legolas yells his name and comes running to him, pushing orcs out of the way to reach him. I thought this was an especially touching scene, because Legolas is such and aloof elf, yet you KNOW he cares for Aragorn, but he never really shows it, except when he believes Aragorn is dead in TTT.(I wish you could have seen him grieve a bit more though)

Andy Serkis was great as Gollum/Smeagol, as per usual.

I was nearly moved to tears at the scene where Frodo wakes up at the Houses of Healing; I would have cried but for my friend Sharon whispering something EXTREMLEY insulting about the way they looked in my ear. I swear I could have killed her then and there.

Well thats about it, the particular special moments in the film which moved me. And not forgetting the Grey Havens. Of course. So touching when Frodo kissed Sam on the head…(Again my friend said SOMETHING…I just guess she can’t just understand it…you have to feel sorry for her…)


P.S Did any of YOUR friends ever ruin a special moment in LOTR for you? E-mail me at


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