An Indepth Review of The Return of the King – Peter Jackson Breaks The Franchise Jinx As ROTK Rules Them All

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It was a unique experience on the 20th of December. Peter Jacskon’s vision of Lord of the Rings would end here. “The end has come”, as Lord Elrond said. One of the most beloved works of all times, brought to the silver screen by the genius of Peter Jackson. The fans had lived through the greatness of the FOTR and TTT, and everybody was sure that Peter jackson would be the honoured one to break the franchise or “Third Movie” jinx, unlike the Matrix movies.

“Become who you were born to be!”

And I wasn’t let down. ROTK was indeed the best of the three for me and PJ was at the height of his powers. A beautiful sweeping movie and even though I hadn’t cried in the first two movies, ROTK was so steeped in electrifying emotions, that tears forced themselves down my cheeks.

“I’m glad to be with you Samwise Gamgee. Here at the end of all things.”

The acting were indeed superb. ROTK laid a lot of emphasis on the characters, on how they fared through this journey, how it ended for them, the War of the Ring.

Elijah Wood was simply fantastic. He had to go through a huge transformation through the three movies. In the start, there’s laughter and parties in FOTR. Everything is peaceful. But as the quest began, we see the immense change in Frodo. He had to show great depth, and he did justice to Frodo Baggins of the Shire.

“I can’t carry it for you, but i can carry you!

Sean Astin indeed has been praised a lot, and rightly so. At the end of TTT, Frodo said that he wouldn’t have got this far without Sam. And we clearly see it now. Sean Astin beautifully depicts Sam’s sacrifises, his strong characters, his love for Frodo, his urge to help him. And Sam too changed; from Frodo’s gardener to his intimate friend.

“For Frodo!”

Viggo Mortensen too was excellent, like all others. He had to choose his destiny, to become the King of Gondor and he lead with example.

“I’ve sent him to his death.”

Ian Mckellen acted out ingeniusly my favourite character. And he was up to the task. Gandalf is now a commander, a leader. He is in the forefront of the battle against Sauron and that is his mission, Sauron’s destruction.

“Gandalf, I saw him!”

I loved Billy Boyd. His character is very much enhanced in ROTK. No loner is he the innocent hobbit who wants breakfasts and second breakfasts and elevensies and luncheons. His acting too was superb exspecially when he had looked at the palantir and answered Gandalf. There he had to show fear, and reluctance, and difficulty in speaking; after all he had had a confrontation with the Lord of Mordor. And I loved that scene. Excelleny work, excellent.

“Feast on his flesh!”

The special effects were unbelievable. The Nazgul, Mumakil, and topping them all, Shelob. Thumbs up for Weta. And the White City of Gondor was beautiful. One thing that i love about the crew and Peter Jackson is their love for detail. Even the things that won’t be captured by the camera were deemed important. The tiniest of details were emphasized.

And of course the music was sweeping. It really made you cry with all the actions going on.

To the purist I must say that it is impossible to put everything in the book in the movies. For one, movies and books are two different mediums and hence can’t be the same. Secondly, it was impossible to appeal the general public, the masses to the movies without making some changes in the story, even though I salute PJ for staying this close to the books. It was such a big project and if it hadn’t succeeded in impressing the general public, then perhaps there wouldn’t have been a Two Towers or Return of the King. ROTK EE will cover all the missed parts, complete the epic tale, add to the superb plot, but for one who doesn’t know the book, would he sit in the cinema for 5 hours? – not really. But let’s enjoy what IS there and then after that, PJ’s super duper Extended Edition. I here thank Peter jackson and all the crew and the cast those worked extremely hard, spent months and months even years to make this a success. And there hardship hasn’t failed. We love the movies!

“How do you go on? When in your heart you begin to understand…There is no going back. There are some things that time can not mend”

The end has come for the movies, but we shouldn’t despair. We have the books and Tolkien fans will live through the ages and love Tolkien’s great work as it is loved now. And still, we have the LOTR musical to look forward to and perhaps an adaption of The Hobbit as well. Who knows? And it might be “Return of PJ” for The Hobbit. Tolkien fans will live on! In Fellowship!



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