About RotK – My views on it

by Jan 29, 2004Reviews

This is not a true article, just some random thoughts. Anyways, I thought RotK was really good. I enjoyed it more than FotR and TTT, but it as missing someparts, but I can understand why.

They missed the whole tla eof all the love stories, but no one who hasnt read the book really care that much. I also missed seeing “Sharkey” on screen. lol. That section would have taken too long and people would have left the theatre.

I really loved how they did the Paths of the Dead. I thought they were going to do the King of the Dead like they did the Witch King when Frodo was stabbed on Amon Sul (all white and whispy). But I was really pleased with how they did it.

Anyways, thank for reading my thoughts and such. If you have only seen RotK once, I would recommend seeing it again at the least. You will catch things you might have missed.

My favourite line? From my favourite character of course! Guess who this is:

<< You will suffer me! >>


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