A Worthy Successor – A Review of The Two Towers

by Dec 18, 2002Reviews

I’ve just returned from seeing the Two Towers (after watching the extended version of the Fellowship beforehand, of course) and it was amazing. I knew ahead of time that it was the movie least tied to the book and, naturally, I was worried. My fears turned out to be unfounded however. While it is true it did wander from the story quite a bit, the meat of Tolkien’s vision is still there. No major parts were left out and the parts that were changed did not take away from my enjoyment. A friend of mine decided he “hated” the movie because Peter Jackson changed the story a bit (horrors!). That just seemed a little immature to me, making a movie is much different than writing a book, you must appeal to a wider audience and the medium is totally different. Jackson gave many of the characters more depth and, while a few, such as Faramir, acted totally different than in the book, they enriched the plot and made it seem like the task was very serious indeed. The battle scene at Helm’s Deep was amazing and the ent’s attack on Isengard, while a bit brief, was awe inspiring. Gimli had a much bigger part in this film than in the Fellowship, acting as a comic relief. In one or two cases it may have been a bit overdone but overall he was a great character. There was much talk about Gollum in the weeks leading up to the 18th, and rightly so. His schizophrenic episodes were very well done. As Smeagol he was happy and had a timid, loyal aura to him, as Gollum he was evil, plotting and, well, good ole Gollum. This movie is just that, a movie, people who get uptight about “staying true to the book” are a little foolish, this was way above most other adaptations (apart from The Fellowship) and is just as good as its predescessor. If you havn’t seen it, what are you waiting for? If you have, go see it again (and again after that), I know I will!


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