A Work of Art! – Spectacular viewing

by Jan 6, 2003Reviews

A lot of people are under-rating the new Lord of the Rings film. In my opinion, this may end up being the best film of the whole 3. It has a great deal of depth,imagination and also great comic moments. Peter has done a wonderful job of this,hile not closely sticking to the book. I think this is best. For when Tolkien newbies come along,they will want to read the books, therefor,they will have more greater moments to look forward to,ones which were not added to the film.

The cast were briliant at portraying their characters, Mirranda Otto (Eowyn) did a really great job, she reaveled her stern, stone-hearted side of Eowyn, while also having strong emotions. Karl Urban (Eomer) was also good at his part. Although he was not in it for a particulary long time, he still added depth to Eomer,which is very close to Tolkien’s picture of him. Gimli (John Rhys-Davies) and Legolas (Orlando Bloom) were a great pair. Here Gimli shows his comical side,as does Legolas. Gimli: “What’s happening?”

Legolas: “Would you like me to describe it for you? Or would you like me to find you a box?!”

All in all, I throughly enjoyed this film, it had everything a good film needs.


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