A Presentation to Remember

by Jan 3, 2004Reviews

In my opinion, Peter Jackson was able to accomplish much in his making. He not only was able to bring the trilogy to life, but also embedded the epic into the hearts of many. In my view, The Return of the King (ROTK) was yet an even bigger success in comparison to The Fellowhip of the Ring and The Two Towers. Considering the nature of filmography, Peter Jackson did extraordinary in laying out most (yet, not all) of the events in the ROTK. He was sucessful at sketching out the battles, the path of Dead, and the whole Frodo-Sam struggle resonably well. All of these scenes were packed with emotions(especially the scenes showing Frodo’s and Sam’s battle against the odds), humor, and a sense of there-being that made the movie worth seeing thrice (as in my case).
However, due to the length of the time available to picture the film, Peter Jackson was left with no choice but to delete some parts such as Eowen’s, Faramir’s, and Merry’s recovery in the houses of healing, and the whole part with Wormtongue and Sharkey (Saruman) in the shire. These events may well have been included if Peter Jackson had shown the Minis Morgul events with Shelob in the Second movie. But, he had resonable reasons for his decision- the events did not work with the Geography of the the second movie (Frodo and Sam in Minis Morgul and the whole White city battle…).

However, I hope that the parts that were excluded from the feature presentation will be included in the Extended Edition of the movie.

Regardless of this, I thought that the execution of the Book in the form of the movie was very well done. Some of the best and most emotional scenes in my view were when Sam carrys Frodo on his back near Mount Doom, the part with Faramir and Denethor, Aragorn’s test of courage in the Paths of the Dead, and of-course the lighting of the beagles of Anduril.

Therefore, Return of the King was a solid ending to the trilogy with regards to the cinematic presentation of the epic. I believe that the trilogy deserves some global awards including best Picture, best actor (Sean Astin) , and best Director- which I am sure they will get!


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