A Commentary: “The Two Towers” – Review

by Dec 25, 2002Reviews

I have seen Peter Jackson’s “The Two Towers”. I went to see J.R.R Tolkien’s “The Two Towers”. I did not see it.

It is unbelievable to me Peter Jackson strayed so many times from the original literary work of genius set forth by J.R.R. Tolkien. Events did not have to be changed that much adapt them to the big screen as some, including Jackson, have argued.

What is more events did not have to be changed to make the stories more exciting. I understand some of the omissions Jackson made in the interest of time. I do not however, understand or appreciate the changes and additions to the events he did portray. Jackson has taken too many liberties in presenting “The Two Towers” and he was wrong to do it.

What is nearly as troubling is that many Tolkien readers are absolutely delighted in Jackson’s effort. The fact he even tried seems to let him off the hook for his grievous meddling in the stories and events. Tolkien readers it seems have been so desperate for something they are willing to accept anything so long as they can see Middle-earth. That is the key.

Readers are finally seeing Middle-earth and in a spectacular way. Jackson has done a wonderful job in creating Middle-earth and presenting it on film. In the end however….. it should come down to the stories and events taking place in Middle-earth. The individual stories Tolkien wrote….. not Jackson….. brought the characters and Middle-earth to life. It took Tolkien 40 years to get them right. Jackson’s rewrites will never be right.

Jackson has proved his genius in film making by bringing “a” story based on Tolkien’s characters to the big screen. He has proved his arrogance by not telling the characters’ stories as written by Tolkien.

I hope at the conclusion of Jackson’s “The Return of The King” we all end up where Tolkien intended. The journey getting there however, has not been the same or as enjoyable as the books.

I hope Jackson’s “Return of The King” will herald a return to Tolkien’s stories and not more of Jackson’s self indulgent rewrites. I am afraid however, that it may be too late for that.


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