“Your eyes”

by May 22, 2002Poetry

The mirror of
Sometimes, I look deep into your eyes
And I see a brave and powerful sparkle
in them…
But that’s false what I see
The truth is that you are weak,
but you may become stronger,
If you really are the chosen
And if you complete the mission
that is in your hands, now

At night, you came to me,
With your true friend
I asked you, if you wanted to look
in my mirror
And you asked me, what will you see
I told you that the mirror reveals
things that were,
things that are,
and things that yet may be
Your friend looked first
He gasped and put his head
in his hands
The view shocked him
He was muttering: no, no…

You stepped uncertainly towards me
And looked down in my mirror suspiciously
For a moment you saw just stars
Reflecting in the water
But then you saw the fellowship,
Your beloved uncle,
Your home,
You looked at it with happiness,
With a smile on your face

But the look on your face changed
You were sad and angry now
You saw your friends in chains
Burning towns
Orcs everywhere
All the creatures were frightened
And in the middle of this disastrous view
There was a great, burning, lidless eye
You stood like if you were enchanted,
and frightened
And then you moved from my mirror,
and fell far away from it
You were shocked, and you asked me
To take the burden you carry
The precious…

I looked at it with greed in my eyes
And said that I dreamed of it
You looked at me with fear
Because I changed,
I changed into a dark queen
Evil was speaking through my lips
You took the ring from my sight
And I was again Galadriel
I passed the test…


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