You Wish To Know

by Nov 25, 2004Poetry

You wish to know
What has changed me so
Turned me from the light
Into a creature from below

Terrible pain
Whip and chain
Such horrible torture
I wished to be slain

I was once like you
With eyes of sparkling blue
Long blonde hair
Tall and slender too

Look at my face
No trace of grace
Once of elven kind, now
Not even the same race

You wish to know
why I hate you so
Once you were my ally
Now I am your foe

Nothing but a slave
That lives in a cave
A souless vessel
No one can save

I now wear the red mark
Of the Lord of the dark
And on his mission
I will embark

For me it’s too late
No changing my fate
I have no emotion left
Nothing’s left but hate


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