You Kiss – Arwen’s dreams of a kiss

by Feb 20, 2004Poetry

Like a breeze in summer
touching my face
wind in its glory
this feeling to embrace.

Like the rays of the sun
on a bright, crisp morn
with light so glorius
shining down from above.

Like water in the sea
that rises and falls
to the end of time
my spirit it calls.

Like a warm fire
in winter, in cold
warming my blood
and soothing my soul.

Like all of nature
Like all things of beauty
Like time slipping
through an hour glass slowly.

Two souls melt as one
flames of passion ignite
when your soft lips touch mine
when you hold me so tight.

Your kiss so gentle,
Your love so true
My heart screams out
how much I love you!

Forever I will remember
and cherish your kiss
and dream of it each night
when its you that I miss.


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