Yearning for the land before – Numenor

by May 13, 2004Poetry

I wander’d lonley miles
Deep unto the sea
And stars and ships and Balrog whips
Still did torment me.

I longed once to be selfless,
to help all thoes in need,
Alas that fate should this belate
And yeild this unto me.

For I am one of few now,
Far from my forebears home;
The stars of land by Valar’s hand
That I do wish to see.

And folly did bestow me,
To fend off with my sword
The ones from greed, a goblin breed
That o’er earth do storm.

Alone as one I wander,
A stranger clad in black,
And in my heart I know my part-
To Númenor speed me back.


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