Without Pippin and Merry – A rap song

by Oct 27, 2004Poetry

Pippin I got to spit some beef,
Our symbol is the green leaf!

We have a sweet wagon with hydraulics,
We steer around and pick up chicks!

I got the mic, it’s time to spit it
all the home hobbits, lets get with it!

The Shire is where we representin’ for,
Two many hobbit gals, is Pippin gonna score?

Got Gandalf in da back, Dj’n this joint,
here we go ya gota catch my point!

Frodo steals all the fame,
but we betta then that, we don’t play that game!

Pippin smokes it up, way too much,
Rappin’ in da Shire, such and such,

Man, I love the way Rosies working that,
Pippin’s new ride is totaly phat!

You wanna battle bring it man,
you can’t make the same rap I can!

Back it up so I can see you dance,
I ain’t really into romance!

The Shire’s where the homedogs are cool,
I’ve had it up to here with you!

I’ve had enough, Sam is a nerd,
the rap is over! get it? Word.


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