Withered Dream – A Poem By Daughterofpaladin

by Mar 20, 2005Poetry

It is but a shadow and a thought that you love. I cannot give you what you seek.

The stillness resounds in this dreary room
as I sit down at my desk and stare
at a piece of paper, white as snow;
no words will ever be written there.

For what is there to say when your heart is broken,
or your happy world has come crashing down?
How can you speak when you can’t stop crying
and there is silence where once there was joyful sound?

If your stars were killed and your sky fell down,
if your moon was reduced to simple white pearl.
If in silver rain, your sun had drowned,
our hearts would be banished to the same world.

I wish I could say I remember happiness,
but such memories too quickly fade away.
I wish I could say my heart was healing
and that tomorrow is another day.

But how can you hope when the world is dying
and the wind is brining a cold, dark storm?
How can you live when your very soul is crying
in a land no sunlight will ever warm?

Come and find me in this wild place
where broken hearts come to weep.
See what it’s like to search forever
but never come closer to what you seek.

For what I seek is unattainable;
Love is a star that can never be seen.
I used to believe with you it was possible
but that was nothing more than a withered dream.


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