With Each Step… – A Poem About Frodo’s Journey by *Lady_Grenleaf

by May 13, 2002Poetry

Frodo and Sam have reached Mordor.
With each step I take
I’m closer to the day,
When the tall gates of Mordor
Will be blocking my way.

With each step I take
Each tiny sound I hear,
I’m peering o’er my shoulder
For ’tis evil lurking nigh I fear.

Each step I take is more cautious.
All hope grows dim and yet,
When I first began this journey,
I had only one regret:

To leave behind my home and simple life,
Of which again I may never see.
Now all things good and pure
Soley relys upon me.

I am but a simple hobbit
Not very tall I stand,
Back in the Shire I craved for adventure,
But the one I’m in is not what I planned.

With each step I take
This burden I’ve been baring,
Grows ever more heavy
And Great Eye is always staring.

“The Fate of Middle Earth
Now lies on the edge of a knife,” tis said.
I want to succeed,
But I crave a cold drink and bread.

The Ring is dragging me down,
But I struggle on.
One of the only defenses I have,
Is the eleven cloak I don.

All hope seems lost
I believe my friends are gone,
This journey seems endless
And I fear my death isn’t long.

Sam and I have reached the Dark Lands
And viewed many a horrible sighting.
Against the forces of Mordor
We seem to be vainly fighting.

We have traveled for days
For Mount Doom we seek.
As I think that my friends might be dead,
A tear filled with pain silently rolls down my cheek.


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