Wishing Upon a Star – The Poem of a Dreamer

by Sep 24, 2002Poetry

I feel like the poor hobbit Frodo
Who dreamed of adventure with Bilbo
I want to see those places I haven’t seen
I want to visit those worlds I’ve never been.

In the book I was with the Fellowship and Frodo
I saw where they journeyed together and low
I fought in Moria and saw the city of Rivendell
I went to Bree and in Lorien I saw Lady Galadriel.

But I found that it is not the same
I want to literally go to the places they came
How will it come true my dream?
It will somehow I do deem.

Am I making any sense?
Everyone says I’m obsessed
I should know I am just a corker
Does anyone understand me the dreamer?


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