Winters bitter memories – Mortal pain

by Jan 25, 2003Poetry

As night follows winter without a star
I will cry in memories of my lost love
Who was kind and gentle and did love me.
Hath but one day more to savour his face
To talk his words, and him embrace.

As day follow night, and as my kindred left
I shall wander alone, through East and through West
To tread the paths my love he did walk
In memory of I feel the grass touched with his life
And I do not cry now, for a memory of love is no strife.

But now I know I am alone, as I wander to my faded home
And where I was betrothed to love I lie.
And now the faded trees, look on
My love is dead! my people gone.
And as my winters night is born
I sleep to never see my dawn.


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