by Mar 16, 2004Poetry

Why give up hope to dark thoughts and mood,
Give up dream to dark solitude?
Why bid thy stars farewell and Sun goodbye,
Or dwell on thoughts that death is nigh?
Why recede yourself into your dark mind
When hope and light you still may find?
Why miss thy friends and wish to see them last
And think fondly of your undying past?
Why think of death when life’s still her,
And live your life slinking in fear?
Why trust your actions to commands of another,
Whther to lie, cheat, or kill a brother/
Why lie at journey’s end with friend and no hope left
And have no feeling of joy, only bereft?
Why prepare to die with a journey yet anew
And trust to darkness instead of trusting in you?
Instead of the end, it’s a beginning of old,
Holding inside it journeys untold.
The past is behind, the future’s ahead,
There is no need for undying dread.
The past reveals problems of then and now
And hides inside a puzzle of how to fix them somehow.
So, why then should we cower inside,
When hope, light, and love have not yet died?


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