Why They Love Legolas – A quick look at the fellowship

by Aug 20, 2004Poetry

You know the type of fangirls,
They’re all in love with the elf.
This puzzled me so that I set out
to learn the reason for myself.

So here’s a look at the Fellowship,
It’s plain for all to see,
Legolas is the best man (I mean elf)
to suit the needs of thee.

Aragorn is taken by two girls,
and winning his love is not easy.
Gandalf is a real old man
just the thought of his love makes me queasy.

Gimli is…well lets just say
he’s not the kissing kind
And the rugged handsome Boromir?
He went crazy and kind of died.

It’s often been said that three is a crowd,
and there’s no way to split Merry and Pip,
Eomer or Faramir can’t see you in a Lothlorien dress,
because their not in the fellowship

And the most special reason
that’s making all the fangirls faint
This Legolas character is so hot
he’s practically a saint!

(oh yeah, and Bill is a Pony)


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