Why – The doubts of life in war

by Jul 9, 2005Poetry

Why do you cry?
You know I’ll be back
Why should I try
to bear such a pack
If my shoulders will fail me
Then I will relent
If my legs stumble beneath me
Then I will lament

But why do you sing?
You know we soon will die
A life’s breath on wings
Will not forever fly
If my lungs can just keep breathing
then I will take the hard-earned quest
But if my hands continue fumbling
I will go where dark does not molest

And why do you love?
you know I am not worthy
I look to stars above
to see if I am well and sturdy
They tell me I will take the chance
And confess to you my longing romance
And they tell me I will love you still
Even after death’s cup is filled


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