Why Do You Leave? – To Arwen on the road to the Havens

by Mar 8, 2004Poetry

Rejection has brought you to this breaking point
Your vows and promises disregarded
You toss your memories to the wind and let them fly
Far away where they cannot find you
Love? What does it matter now?
All it seems to bear is an ocean of pain
You’ve been pushed away too long now
This time you give in to the rain
Beating down, down, down like tears of the heavens
Are even the Valar crying for this world?
If only memories were as easily forgotten
Lost in the river’s mindless twirl
Why do you leave?
Why do you forsake the promises you made?
Where is your belief
In hope, in life?–be it drowned beneath this cavalcade
Of sorrows, of pain, of despair?
Wistful starlight brims with the old recollections:
An evening dance to a wafting air
A stolen kiss beneath the shading mellyrn
But blown to the wind, they are gone, gone, gone
The pain of remembering is becoming too great
What grief lies in the nightingale’s song!
This dark regret refuses to abate
But why do you leave
When there is so much left that you are needed for?
Did you really believe
Spoken in desperation, those hasty words?
Do you not know that even beneath the stony mask
Of stubborn despair and lack of faith
He needs you in spite of himself
Though he’s urged you to leave
Beneath the pulling away and rejection
Is a need to somehow prevent the inevitable pain
Why do you leave?
Forever you will regret this–when left with only memories,
Emptiness–if you leave him now
Why do you leave?


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