“Why” – a poem written for the race of Man

by Mar 8, 2003Poetry


Why do I linger here
In these forsaken times
Why do I remain with my calmly fear
Now hope and despair have become such thin lines

Why should I trust the light
That shines in the darkness
For all I know it’s just a reflection
Of a time that once was

A nameless fear has crawled it’s way into my mind
Destroying all that is left of hope in mankind

Still, I remain in place
Bound to the fate wich will doom these days
Closing my eyes and pray for a better end
Because all that once was is now lost
And all that was lost now is
How did it come it this

Yet hope remains if we stay true
Believe we must, it’s what we were ment to do
Hope shall be our light, our star
Darkness shall not win by far
As our hopes grow within
Which will bring comfort to our kin


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