~*~White Gem~*~ – Frodo contemplates Arwen’s gift….

by Aug 19, 2004Poetry

~*~White Gem~*~

It was a gift, this glimmering star
even now, I see it dangle
on its silver chain
from her pale fingers.
I thought she had plucked it
from her twilight eyes
which seemed to have conquered
each star in the heavens
and surely it wept
to be thus banished
into my keeping
a creature unworthy
of such radiant favor.
I see myself standing
tiny and double
amid those stars
a planet of wonder
breathless, immobile,
dangling, luminous
the jewel hangs between us
a wonderful bubble
whispers of rainbows
and secret flames
veining its faery whiteness.
Wear this, she said, with a voice
that seemed a blend
of temple bells
and infant’s laughter,
It will bring you aid
from the phantom wings
of darkness and fear
and all uncleanness.

Her eyes sweep my being
claiming me, wrapping
my wounds in velvet.
They wear me just
as I wear this gem…
even as I bear her
pinned upon my heart.

My dear friend, she sings
in the caverns of the night,
sweet balm I would drop
upon your blistered soul
but listen to my words
let them bear you to the sun.
Rest where the thorns
of the shadows cannot reach
seek the paths where morning
waits with open arms
Listen to the eager strings
of the golden harp I play
chimes from the bell towers
far across the sea;
soft voices echoing
welcoming the dawn
silver rain pattering
blessings on all trees.
An island of peace
beckons to you in the mist.
Sail upon a boat of stories
fashioned as a swan
laden with apples,
honeycombs and wine
let the grey waves carry you
through a perfumed cloud
ride a horse of gladness
and feel the south wind’s kiss
as it dances past your cheeks
and combs your hair with joy.
Drink the nectar of all beauty
let it stain your clothes
until you are all aglow
staggering, intoxicated
with the magic of your being
Fill your throat with singing
whirl upon the sky
soar above the ether
in spirals ever growing
until you reach the summit
where all things do embrace
fear not to lift your eyes
to the bright unseeable;
mortal love, however great
sometimes is not enough
comes a time when some of us
must look to the Divine.

So she sings, as my fingers
touch this wondrous stone
until it seems my very skin
is burnished with her light
and I am her small satellite
swimming in her beams
her, whom I loved
but never could possess
still her grace she gave me
distilled within this star.
It will light my footsteps
and guide me to a place
where peace and health shall find me
until I float eternally
within the pools of her eyes.

Note of acknowledgment: the idea for this poem was inspired by Calime’s stories, which I very highly recommend…


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