~*~White~*~ – finally Gandalf has his say…..

by Jul 23, 2005Poetry

White the heavenlight,
with purpose unbroken
revealing all
that is actual, solid,
given, tender,
alive; a face raised
in contemplation
of skygems teaching
no unholy variance;
white page unwritten,

White the snowfall
smiling at moonbeams
blanketing all
that is naked, frowning,
jagged, sluggish,
deflowered; a face lifted
in shining surrender
to kisses of whiteness
saying, You are mine,
child of beauty,

White the gleaming robe
garbing your realness
illuminating all
that was ageless, standing,
central, prolific,
untinted; a face upheld
like a cup receiving
a draught of sweet coldness
quenching all flames
of false reason

White now the hand
that brands your sham children
divulging all
that is swerving, synthetic,
fallen, unthinkable,
inert; a face bending
from a towertop
in colors of defiance
refusing the daylight
of quiet walking


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