Whispers of a Nameless Fear… – A Poem

by May 16, 2002Poetry

The Shadow of Mordor will cover all,
And to the ruin of kingdoms, the Men will fall.
Evil will spread it’s arm over the green fields,
And all will be lost, if little yield.

At the slopes of Mount Doom it’s fire erupted,
And the hearts of Men are easily corrupted.
The Shadow took many brave souls,
And still, the darkness holds.

Throughout the land of Middle-earth,
Many Men and Elves’ hearts were hurt.
When they heard whipers of a nameless fear,
It showed in Galadriel’s water mirror.

But even though the Darkness stands,
And the evil in Mirkwood was also banned.
Shadow will spread, to the ruin of all,
And the world of Men, will again fall…


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